Having traveled numerous times through time and space during my shamanic journeys, I have learned a lot about the reincarnation cycle, past lives, karma, karmic debt, and karmic resolution. I have been keeping notes about all these topics in my journals. You will find a lot of that information in these articles below. 
What Is Reincarnation & Past Lives?

Reincarnation was once

a balanced progressive

cycle of human lifetimes

on planet Earth. 

What Is Karma?

Everything happens for a

reason and you were not

born into an unfortunate situation by chance.

What Is Karmic Debt?

The concept of karmic debt

is similar to leaving your

current home to permanently live in another place.

Shadow Work & Karmic Resolution

 Imagine now all these

patterns from all your past life childhoods repeating from one lifetime to the next as baggage.