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What is Karmic Debt and how it affects your life?


Through the process of reincarnation, your soul has traveled many times from one lifetime to the next. Either being a young or an old soul, you had your fair share of experiences on our beautiful planet. 


The concept of karmic debt is similar to leaving your current home to permanently live in another place.

The core of who you are as a person, no matter where you go, is always the same. The connections that you have with your family, your close friends, and your loved ones do not change either. Your habits - healthy or not - follow you as well on that new residence.


Having trouble with relationships, love, and money, are also patterns that they do not change. Some people might say “new place, same problems” and that sums it up well.

Even if you find that new partner to fall in love with, or get that perfect job, there will be that "odd circumstance" that will "ruin" everything again. You will be left with that bitter taste and keep wondering why you are so unlucky. Perhaps, you have also noticed that somehow your previous jobs or partners are similar to each other.

Usually, all these negative patterns and problems stem from childhood trauma, limiting beliefs, and learned behaviors. It takes lots of dedication, patience, and internal work to overcome these obstacles. Sometimes, this process takes years with just new layers that need to be dealt with and healed.


Now imagine all that on a larger scale that involves lifetimes of having to deal with the same patterns. 


Your childhood is a repetition of a very similar situation that happened in a past life. The karmic debt which is that negative repetitive pattern is related to your shadow self from all your previous lifetimes. The shadow is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you do not want to acknowledge because they stem from traumatic situations and triggers related to your childhood of all your past lives.

Now you will ask “Why do I have to keep repeating something that happened in my past lives? Is it because I hurt someone and I am being punished for that? What have I done wrong?” Let me be straightforward with that. You are not being punished for wrongdoings.


Karmic debt is the result of repeating the same behavior towards a situation in past lives which reflects in your current life. This pattern takes different shapes and forms but it leads to the same results in your life. Once you start responding differently by learning how to properly address it, this pattern comes to an end.


Karmic resolution is a more complex form of shadow work that involves the healing of any form of trauma from your past lives that has an effect on your current life.

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