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Karmic Light Code Package

Do you want to find out more about your soul's journey? Do you want to remember your past lives? Do you want to connect with your ancestors and their wisdom? Do you want to explore and even expand your spiritual gifts? Do you want to unlock your full potential? Do you desire to manifest something specific in your life? And all that at your own pace?
As a Karmic Resolution Facilitator, I have been extensively working for more than a decade with many tools to assist my clients in accessing their past lives and resolving their karmic debt. One of them is shamanism and shamanic journeys which I have been unconsciously practicing since my childhood. By tapping into their wisdom of the Multiverse and the different spirit realms, I create personalized Karmic Light Codes that can assist you on your path based on your intention and your Soul Energy. 

The Karmic Light Code contains compact information of your divine blueprint, memories from past lives, your ancestors, your spiritual gifts, cellular memory, DNA activation, self-healing, your spirit guides, your soul mission and so much more. Think of it as a zip file with valuable knowledge for your life journey.

The small package includes the Karmic Light Code in a form of a high-resolution digital design that is perfect for multiple uses. Along with it, you will also receive a mini-reading as well as instructions about its energies and how to properly utilize them. The extended package includes everything of the small one plus activation and teaching 1:1 on how to efficiently work with the Karmic Light Code energies.

The Karmic Light Code Package is perfect for:
  • Remembering your past lives, ancestors, soul journey, etc at your own pace.
  • Receiving it as a complementary service to the karmic resolution packages.
  • Using it as a talisman and protective energy into your home space, work, and personal space.
  • Creating a soul-aligned business logo that is fully tuned in to your soul energy.
  • Designing a tattoo that will fully connect you with your multidimensional self and all your soul gifts.
  • Igniting spiritual awakening by expanding into your soul gifts and connecting with your soul family. 
  • Facilitating manifestation in your personal and business life. 
  • Expanding on your spiritual gifts, OBEs, lucid dreaming, attracting your twin flame, and so much more.
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