Karmic Light Code Package

Do you want to find out more about your soul's journey? Do you want to remember your past lives? Do you want to connect with your ancestors and their wisdom? Do you want to explore and even expand your spiritual gifts? Do you want to unlock your full potential? Do you desire to manifest something specific in your life?
As a Karmic Resolution Facilitator, I have been extensively working for more than a decade with many tools to assist you on your path. Having a deep connection with Yggdrasil in all my past lives, I have been closely working with Runes. By tapping into their wisdom and the Multiverse, I create personalized Karmic Light Codes that can assist you on your path based on your intention and your Soul Energy. 

The Karmic Light Code contains compact information of your divine blueprint, memories from past lives, your ancestors, your spiritual gifts, cellular memory, DNA activation, self-healing, your spirit guides, your soul mission and so much more. Think of it as a zip file with valuable knowledge for your life journey.

Experiences From Happy Clients


Leonardo Ortega

Holistic Life Coach

"At first, I didn't know what to expect because I've seen light codes before, but I've never experienced one created just for me. It's a very powerful symbol that changed my life forever! It's as if the rune magic within it felt exactly what my soul needed and released me to my better days. Thank you so much Luna Dawn for showing me the way and opening the path towards my true calling!"


Debbie Dyson-Holland

20+ Years Experience in Reflexology, Massage & Tarot

"Luna has created a personalized light code symbol that I carry as a screensaver. It has activated an extra channel of frequency that allows me a stronger connection to my Guides. I have felt different since having this code. Opportunities have opened up. I have more clarity, a feeling of security and calmness envelopes me whenever I look at it!"

Rossana Pedros _edited.jpg

Rossana Pedros

Meditation Teacher | Reiki Master | Hypnotherapist

"The Karmic Light Code is absolutely amazing! I could feel the immense power of LOVE! That energy was so powerful and sweet at the same time that made me feel dizzy. I absolutely love it. Thank you, Luna!"

Monica Crandall_edited.jpg

Monica Crandall

"I really felt instantly drawn to the Karmic Light Code! To me, it feels like a visual representation of climbing a ladder of knowledge, insight, and love. But it's not just climbing! It felt like a weaving cycle with lots of movement."


Huey St Claire

"This is my first time meditating with Light Codes. My solar plexus, throat chakra, and third eye chakra started vibrating.  Some kind of doorway /gateway opened while working with it. Some examples of the words and images that came forth were trauma release, witch wounds. I also had goosebumps and tingles. Thank you sister for the potent work. I am very grateful!


Antje Firla

Energy Healer | Truth Seer | Divine Activator

"I am absolutely in love with the Karmic Light Code that Luna created for me. There are so many layers to it and the energy it emits is very powerful! Since receiving my personal code life has been filled with miracles and magic is weaving through every day. "

Louise Lape.jpg

Louise Lape

"When I worked with Luna's Karmic Light Code,  I just found myself floating in light but I did find myself getting sleepy. As I was falling to sleep I saw the sign and it was the Hanged Man in Tarot. Then, I heard him say "You can go out into the world again and take with you all your newness and enlightenment. " I realized that I'm no longer a victim of my past lives. That revealing feeling was lovely to feel. Thank you, Luna!"


Ann Laughlin


"Thank you Luna for designing my code symbol. After meditating on it yesterday I felt a great connection and after feeling very disconnected lately. It was a great relief to receive some answers and direction for my future journey. It was a pleasure meeting you. "

Alison Pearson_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Alison Pearson

"It has been a wonderful surprise and pleasure to have been the recipient of Luna Dawn's powerful and illuminating Light Code. I have been able to sit in meditation with my code, beautiful as it is, and it has helped me enormously. The lightness and connection that have allowed me to receive is truly magic. Thank you!"


Carla Giusto Day

"When I connected with Luna's Light Code, I felt the unification of right and left brain. I also experienced the 3rd eye, throat, and heart chakra connection and activation. I felt a clearing of energy in the lower chakras. A very tranquil feeling like a floating in water experience. Thank you!"


Michelle Dixon

Healing Practitioner

"What struck me about my light code was the angel at the top, because when I was a child an angel visited me after I prayed and prayed every night to have wings. The code not only reminded me of that profound experience that no one ever believed but felt like a direct reference to it. Since meditating with it I feel more aligned with my path than ever before and life seems to be flowing freely now after a period of inner stagnation. Thank you, Luna!"


Erena Oliver

Integrative Remedial Well-Being + Relationship Coach

"First of all, I won a scholarship for my business 48 hours after receiving Luna’s light code. Those who do not usually comment on my Facebook posts have commented AND some of their comments are leading me to realize there is more in this than I thought or imagined! This tells me that I am in exactly the right place. Communication on the deepest and most profound transformative levels."

Marielis Fernandez Perez_edited.jpg

Marielis Fernandez Perez

"When I connected Luna's Light Code, I meditated on this and traced the lines with my fingers as she suggested. I was guided to treat the dotted lines down like strings to a guitar. I heard this beautiful song that lit up my heart! Thank you!"


Lori Cole Heath

"The first thing that I noticed when I saw Luna's Light Code is that I felt it massively in my heart. I felt the balancing of both sides of my brain, male and female energies, balancing and opening of my third eye. I also had a song come through. Very powerful! Thank you, dear sister."

Roxana Russo.jpg

Roxana Russo

Online Marketer | Natural & Spiritual Lifestyle Healer

"When I saw Luna's Light Code, it started to come alive in a sense. I saw the roof land it’s a shrine roof, the center seemed to me like a diamond and the middle seemed like the mirror of Amaterasu. The flowers brought me peace and a kind of freshness and sweetness. I looked at the Light Code and I felt a shrine that is connected with me. I like it very much! Thank you so much, Luna!"


Sinead Fine

Professional Tarot Reader 

"I love Luna's work and her desire to make the world a better place. Her Karmic Light Code for me was deep and strong and true - oh so true. It helped me work with my witch wound and ancestral trauma. It felt heavy when I worked with it but it was so insightful and honest. Thank you, Luna!"


Victoria Crewes

Life & Business coach | Alchemist Channel 

"Luna’s light codes speak to my soul so much that I have chosen them to reflect the work of my business as my logos! They are pure magic, just like Luna! Her service is so beautiful from beginning to end, a breath of fresh air!"

Samantha Warner_edited.jpg

Samantha Warner

Naturopath | Healer | Educator

"Luna's light code was the result of a shamanic journey into my Akashic records representing my lineage of blue rose priestesses and my angelic self with a rune for joy and happiness. It’s a tool for healing also. It's amazing! I can not recommend her more highly. Thank you, Luna!"