My name is Luna and this is the beginning of my journey

First of all, I wanted to thank you for being here. I feel blessed by your presence and your kindness for taking the time to read my story.

My name is Luna. I am a Karmic Resolution Facilitator, a Shamanic Shadow Worker, and a Tarot Reader.

Everything started from a very young age when I was able to look into someone's eyes and have visions about their previous lifetimes. I could see those visions unfold and every time it happened, I was overwhelmed as I did not exactly know what was happening. At the same time, I had visions about my own past lives.

Being raised by narcissistic and abusive parents who were members of a satanic cult in my country, I grew up in fear. Everything in my life was controlled - from the people I met, to my education and even the various workplaces. I was taught that I was worthless and a failure without their help.
Every time I tried to speak about my visions and my experiences, they severely punished me. This led to severe anxiety, insomnia, distrust of others and so many other issues that added to my shadows. 

I prayed to the Universe every night to help me get through this. The more I was asking for guidance, the more intense were the visions from my past lives. I was getting more frustrated and I felt that I was at a dead end. 

When I went to the university, I finally felt that I can fully express myself and embrace my spiritual path. I spend hours in the local library researching metaphysical topics and trying to understand more about my childhood visions. I finally found some books speaking about past lives and reincarnation. It was when everything started making sense.


How past lives helped me heal my childhood trauma

What I really wanted to understand while studying past lives is what caused me to be born in an abusive family who was part of this cult. I also wanted to find a way to heal from my childhood trauma, and also break free from the limiting beliefs, and learned behaviors.

After many years of shamanic journeys, meditation, past life regression, working with Tarot cards, runes, shadow work, and other metaphysical tools, I finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I understood that I went through all this trauma because I dealt with similar situations in most of my past lives. My past lives had all the answers to my questions and the patterns that were repeating to my current life.

Knowing what exactly happened in my past lives, how the trauma, limiting beliefs, and learned behaviors started were the beginning of my healing. 
I witnessed my life dramatically being transformed. I conquered insomnia, anxiety, fears, and everything that was holding me back from being my best self. I learned how to focus on self-love, self-care and how to nurture my inner child. Reparenting myself was the greatest and most transformative gift. 

If you are out there feeling lost and hopeless, I can tell you that you have the power in your hands to shape your own future. Your childhood trauma, limiting beliefs and learned behaviors can be healed and transformed through your past lives. They are meant to help you blossom and grow but never hold you back.