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Privacy Policy

Who I am
This is the website of Luna Dawn. The Privacy Policy clarifies the way in which I collect, use, maintain and disclose information collected from you of

How your collected information is used
The information you voluntarily provided via the contact form is collected for the purpose of providing you with better service in terms of customer service and support. Your personal information is safe and is not sold or traded. 
The site may use cookies to enhance your browser experience. They are small files that are sent to your devices so as my site remembers certain information about you. You can decline the cookies via your browser's settings.

Ethics and Values

  • I believe in equality. You will be treated with respect regardless of your regardless of race, religion, gender, or orientation. 
  • I believe in transparency and integrity. I will be honest during our reading and I will tell you exactly what I see. Your reading will be balanced including the positive and negative aspects of it with a big dose of realistic optimism. 
  • I believe that we all have free will. The Tarot Cards show pathways and possible futures but nothing is written in stone. There is no predetermined future neither situations are fated to happen. Your own actions can shape your future. 
  • I believe that you are responsible for your own actions. I will not be held accountable for decisions that you make after you received my reading. My guidance is based on suggestions. It is up to you how you want to handle the information from your reading.
  • I believe in confidentiality. Your personal information as well as anything related to your reading will never be shared with a third party.
  • ​If you are seeking a reading that is related to crime-solving, finding missing individuals, predicting lottery numbers, locating lost items, diagnosing illnesses, predicting death, giving professional financial, legal, or any medical advice, I do not offer any sort of advice of guidance related to these matters. 
  • ​I reserve the right to decline servicing you for any reason.
  • I will not provide a reading for anyone under 18 years old unless the parent or guardian is present.


This site is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a lawyer, financial advisor, business consultant,  physical and mental health care professional of any kind, and my services do not replace the ones from the licensed professionals mentioned above. Please seek the proper care and expertise from the proper professional when it comes to legal, financial, business, and any type of health issues. 
I offer advice and suggestions to my best ability. I cannot guarantee the outcome of the tarot reading and I do not offer predictive readings. I am not responsible for your actions neither for any outcome following your reading.  Specifically,  I am not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage that is related to my guidance and advice, reading, or website material.

All services and packages are non-refundable and non-exchangeable once purchased. 
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