I have been assisting my clients to resolve their karmic debt for more than a decade with various holistic tools, especially the Tarot cards. My biggest aspiration is to make these wonderful metaphysical tools easy to understand for beginners but also give a different perspective to advanced practitioners.
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A Major Arcana
Tarot Party

The following exercise is part

of Module 2, Lesson 2

in the curriculum of 

The Diploma in Tarot.  

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Tarot Reading: How To
Ask The Right Question

So what makes a question powerful enough to give you clarity and a solution to the issue you are facing?

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How your Stalker card could be related to your Past Life

The concept of karmic debt

is similar to leaving your

current home to permanently live in another place.

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Shadow Work - How To Heal From Your Parents' Mistakes

It is so easy to go back to your childhood and name each one of their mistakes that have been affecting your adulthood.

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