Shadow Work & Karmic Resolution

Starting with the basics, let me first address what is Shadow Self. Starting from your childhood, the learned patterns, limiting beliefs, traumas in any form, and everything else that has scarred your soul become a rejected part of yourself. This part of yourself becomes a shadow that only responds to behaviors that trigger those memories that are hidden within you.

Because of trauma, you might not remember all these memories but you only react to them. Many people have described the reactions to memories that are similar to situations that endured in the past as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms.
Shadow Work involves techniques that help you identify the source of those triggers, behaviors, learned patterns, and limiting beliefs such as journaling, artistic expression, meditation, inner child healing just to name some. 

The purpose of Shadow Work is to acknowledge that rejected part of yourself, embrace it, and give it the love it deserves. The ideal goal of Shadow Work is to unite the Shadow with the rest of your consciousness while reparenting yourself during the process.
How is Karmic Resolution related to Shadow Work? Imagine now all these patterns from all your past life childhoods repeating from one lifetime to the next as baggage. This is called karmic debt. To be able to unentangle all these childhood behaviors and patterns from your past lives, you will need to identify the main reason behind that repetition. From my experience, I have seen similar patterns constantly repeating because the core of its cause has not been addressed and healed. 

The process of resolving the karmic patterns that have caused the childhood trauma, behaviors, learned patterns, and limiting beliefs from all your lifetimes is called Karmic Resolution which is the equivalent of Shadow Work in this lifetime. In other words, Karmic Resolution is the multidimensional form of shadow work. 

Think of Karmic Resolution as the thread that connects all your lifetimes together. I have met many people who have regressed and attempted to heal trauma from individual lifetimes - including myself at some point - and they end up looking for answers to other past lives because these patterns are still lingering in their current lives. This happens because the core of their karmic debt has not been identified.

Once this occurs, then the healing process starts. Like with Shadow Work, it might take some time but it is definitely worth it because you finally feel that freedom from everything that was holding you back.