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In the depths of the primordial void of our multiversal reality, a consecrated haven was meticulously structured to serve as a physical archive of blueprint codes that were misplaced, thieved, or replaced by various sources and incidents across time and space. The Vault of Archetypal Codes magnificently preserves the original templates of soul design through creational frequencies, ancient sounds, intricate visuals, and additional otherworldly elemental forces to ensure that they will guardedly be delivered to their rightful owners.

Each one of the Archetypal Codes brilliantly cradles unique past life memories that unravel the origin of each prototypal design which is the confidential liaison to its original keeper. Within the vault, only a key increment of the past life memory will be revealed to the collective consciousness with the sole purpose of becoming the guiding light to the soul that the archetypal code belongs to. Every sacred template will be carefully accompanied by other supportive services to provide a holistic activation of past life memories, soul purpose, integration, and embodiment of the particular code.


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