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What is Reincarnation?

Earth was meant to be a safe haven for humanity until the chaotic war that was consuming our universe was contained. Interplanetary wars surrounded Earth for many lifetimes and ended only very recently in time in an abrupt standstill between all sides after the chaos was finally contained. The genetically impaired and prisoners of war were given a second chance at life by our elder races to incarnate on Earth in the hopes that a treaty could be struck for all sides to benefit.


But this treaty was taken advantage of and too many ill-intentioned refugees eventually took the planet for granted and poisoned its purity with the continuation of genetic experimentation for personal gain. In order to prevent humanity's extinction, our planetary governing body responded to this act of violence with a mandatory reality-lock that we experience even to this day. This reality-lock put a damper on the cycles of time and purity of what is reincarnation. 

Now you understand why some people subconsciously remember the true meaning of reincarnation versus what it is right now on Earth. This is the reason why many individuals feel that they are trapped on this planet and constantly reincarnating. 

No matter which truth you subconsciously remember, you have still chosen to be here on this planet by soul contract before your birth. Depending on your soul's mission, reincarnation is still your choice. Remember that!


Reincarnation was once a balanced progressive cycle of human lifetimes on planet Earth. It allowed for an individual to live lifetime after lifetime in a different place and time on Earth to learn karmic lessons and to repair genetic and soul impurities. Earth was like a cosmic school of life for all souls who entered her sacred paradise, to learn from the best teachers and to achieve balance through self-improvement. There was pure beauty in the process of reincarnation in our planet that shined all across the universe and humans that incarnated here carried that same beauty within.

Regressing my past lives from a very young age as well as other people's lives, I have witnessed a lot about the cycle of reincarnation and what it truly means. While speaking with numerous people and my clients, some individuals have mentioned that they feel that they never chose this path as if someone else made that decision for them. Some others are happy to be here on this beautiful planet because they feel that they have some important lessons to learn. So where is the truth in all that? Who is right and who is wrong?


What are Past Lives?


Past Lives are a series of memories that you have collected from many lifetimes. They physically manifest into your daily life through learned behaviors, limiting beliefs, conditioning, trauma, but also intense connections with others and natural gifts.


When you regress your past lives, you will remember the core of your soul, who you really are. You will remember all the experiences that you had as well as the lessons you learned. You also understand how your personality in this current lifetime is heavily influenced by your past lives.


Many people think that their past lives are something separate from them and it seems "so far away" from the life they live right now. The truth is that your past lives, these memories from your previous reincarnations, are always with you. Not just in your memories but also in your daily life. The people you meet, your family and friends, the career that you choose, your likes, dislikes, talents, some "odd" habits, and everything else in between are the expression of who you are throughout time. You are infinite and you are the living proof of that reality.


Knowing your past lives will create emotional change in your life and can help you map out a meaningful future with unlimited possibilities. Awakening your subconscious potential can help you understand what your purpose in life is, how to utilize your innate gifts, how to connect with your soul family, how to solve your karmic debt, and how to live a fulfilling life by achieving your highest potential.

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