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Karmic Resolution Packages

Dealing with karmic debt creates roadblocks and it gives you the impression that you are stuck in a maze of problems. Not only it is exhausting on every level but it also prevents you from creating the future you deserve. 

Can you imagine your life free from everything that is holding you back? Can you see yourself succeeding in every aspect? Can you fathom the unlimited potential that you have to manifest the life you have ever dreamed of? How would it feel if you could love yourself for everything that you are from your past lives till now?

As a Karmic Resolution Facilitator, I have all the tools to help you overcome your karmic debt, achieve your highest potential, and fulfill your soul's purpose by fully utilizing your soul's gifts.

How your experience will be like while working with me

  • You will receive a holistic package. You will receive an in-depth past life reading accompanied by various holistic and metaphysical tools as well as my full support and guidance during this process.
  • You will receive practical advice. My guidance style is based on the concept of everyday life spirituality which means that spirituality is part of our everyday lives and not separate. Once you receive my advice, you can easily apply it in your daily life.
  • The emotional release exercises are an important component of your package. Working with past lives tends to rise a variety of emotions and sometimes this can lead to overwhelm. With the exercises, you will be able to smoothly express your emotions and work with them properly before you let them go.​
  • Your reading will be easy to understand. I stay away from abstract concepts and complicated terminology. Your past life session will be simple but in-depth.​
  • You will receive homework that will engage you in the reading. Being an active participant helps you understand your reading better and prepares you for taking action to work with your karmic debt.​
  • Your past life reading will be truthful but also optimistic. I value honesty and integrity in my everyday life. I am also a practical optimist who thrives on making the best out of a tough situation with a solution that works. All these values reflect in my readings as well. 
  • You will learn how to work with Universal Energies. These energies are related to events and situations that happen outside of our control. Although they cannot be changed, I will show you how to effectively take advantage of them for your highest good. 
  • You will understand that you have the power in your hands to shape your own future. Just because a situation happened in your past life does not mean that it has to repeat in the present or future. There are no absolutes, fated-to-happen incidents, destiny, or whatever else you want to call it. The Tarot Cards and the other metaphysical tools simply show pathways and possible futures but the outcome depends on actions that you will take. 
  • You will learn how to incorporate your past lives in this lifetime. Your past lives are not just memories or stories but active components of your soul. By knowing your past, you can learn from your experiences and you will be able to create a more fulfilling present and future. ​
  • You will learn about your gifts from past lives and how to fully embrace them. Karmic debt tends to shadow your inherited gifts. They are your superpower for not only dealing with the karmic debt but also enhancing your life.
  • You will get guided on how to work with karmic debt. Having a specific pattern following you in every step that you take can be draining, overwhelming, and frustrating. You might get the feeling that you are stuck and you cannot get out of that negative pattern no matter how differently you try to approach it. With my guidance, you will understand how your trauma, limiting beliefs, and learned behaviors happened and I have the right tools to help you resolve them.
  • You will feel cared for and nurtured. One of the things I love the most is to create a safe environment for you to talk to me about your concerns and questions. I will treat you the same way I want to be treated. 
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