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Unlock your Childhood Memories to
access your Past Lives with Tarot Cards


Did you know that your childhood memories are the getaway to your past lives? What if I told you that Tarot Cards are the perfect guide to help you with this journey?


I have been regressing my past lives since a very young age. Yet, I always dealt with some emotional blockages that were so difficult to overcome. I tried different ways to work with them - meditation, shamanic journeys, just to name some - but I was not always successful. Sometimes, I felt I was so close yet so far. Once I started working with Tarot Cards, I finally found the perfect tool to help me overcome all these tough obstacles and access these memories.

The purpose of this e-book is to show you how to utilize Tarot Cards and their rich symbolism to access your childhood memories. With a unique Tarot technique paired with example questions from both the Major and Minor Arcana, you will have all the tools that you need to experience your past lives through Tarot Cards.


Readers Reviews


"My review for Luna Dawn book. I bought the book as Shadow Work and Inner child healing really interested me and I wanted to use it on my page. The language of the book is simple. It's easy to understand. It's very concise and to the point.  Even if you don't have a basic knowledge of tarot you can use the book as a guide and use the cards to find your base point to start healing from. The questions are like tough love. They hit the point hard. It's a book that'll keep giving. It may be a small but extremely powerful book. Well done Luna Dawn." - Ruchi MehrotraDutta

"This was an awesome e-book. I'm so glad that a friend referred me to this because it's quite affordable for the value that you receive inside of it. I never thought that tarot can be taken into the world of past lives and reincarnation. Now I'm convinced! The focus on childhood is completely appropriate since children express their unfiltered thoughts and emotions from such a young age. Using that vulnerable but yet so important time in our life in order to explore the mysteries of our past is a very intelligent way of going about this. I highly recommend this ebook to definitely gain perspective on the bridge between all matters of spirituality!" - Eddie

A lovely book by a talented author. I loved how this amazing author tied reincarnation to the tools of the Tarot to aid the reader with exploring their own past lives. She makes this complicated subject easy to understand in an eloquent way. I'm looking forward to more books from this talented author. You don't have to read the Tarot to understand the easy-to-use directions. It's fun! Its education! It answers your questions! Lovely work, a must read! - Linn Random

The author well explained the use of tarot cards to access our childhood memories and past lives. I liked the straightforward way of approaching this complex subject in such a simple way. A great book for anyone into tarot cards. Waiting for the next one from the author... - Rohit

I loved reading this book! I wish Luna to come up with more of her writing to guide and inspire the readers. An innovative way to use tarot! -NRK

Luna delivers an easy-to-read yet highly insightful way of accessing our past lives. Reading her book took me on a magical journey through the ancient and mystical wisdom of the Tarot, a journey that helped me to unlock hidden gems, release the past and understand the beauty of my innate nature. Moreover, I developed an entirely new relationship with the Tarot complete with a deeper understanding of each of the cards and suits symbolism in parallel to our journey as a human and spirit being. Thank you Luna! - Deborah K Bates

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