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Having traveled numerous times through time and space during my shamanic journeys, I have learned a lot about the reincarnation cycle, past lives, karma, karmic debt, karmic resolution, and various holistic tools. I have been keeping notes about all these topics in my journals and I share them with you through my publications. My biggest aspiration is to make these wonderful metaphysical tools easy to understand for beginners but also give a different perspective to advanced practitioners.
Are you a beginner who wants to dip your toes into the world of the Major and Minor Arcana and get introduced into the magical world of the Tarot Cards?

Are you an advanced reader who wants to explore further how Tarot cards can help you with shadow work and past lives?

These E-books are perfect for encouragement during tough moments but also for learning, and expanding your knowledge.
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I was honored to have been published in entrepreneurial magazines but also being featured as a guest blog writer.
A Major Arcana
Tarot Party

The following exercise is part

of Module 2, Lesson 2

in the curriculum of 

The Diploma in Tarot.

Tarot Reading: How To
Ask The Right Question

So what makes a question powerful enough to give you clarity and a solution to the issue you are facing?

How your Stalker card could be related to your Past Life

The concept of karmic debt

is similar to leaving your

current home to permanently live in another place.

Shadow Work - How To Heal From Your Parents' Mistakes

It is so easy to go back to your childhood and name each one of their mistakes that have been affecting your adulthood.

You will also find a lot of articles that I have written and published here on my own website. I will always be expanding and bringing knowledge to you from my own personal work and journeys.
What Is Reincarnation
& Past Lives?


Reincarnation was once

a balanced progressive

cycle of human lifetimes

on planet Earth. 

What Is Karma?
(The Law of Karma)

Everything happens for a

reason and you were not

born into an unfortunate situation by chance.

What Is Karmic Debt?
(Past Life Patterns)

The concept of karmic debt

is similar to leaving your

current home to permanently live in another place.

Shadow Work, PLR &
Karmic Resolution

 Imagine now all these

patterns from all your past life childhoods repeating from one lifetime to the next as baggage.

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