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What is Karma?


Is karma the reason why you keep reincarnating on this planet? Is it a punishment? Is it that one thing to blame about everything that goes wrong in your life and the people around you?

As I have been extensively regressing my past lives since my childhood as well as the people I have worked with, I have discovered that we live on a planet that is experiencing a controlled and modified version of what reincarnation is supposed to be. Yet the laws that created reincarnation will always stay the same. The Law of Karma is one of them. The Karmic Law makes certain that karmic lessons are fairly taught within the cosmic and planetary reincarnation cycles. "What you give is what you receive" is a great way to explain how karma works in the hands of a fully mature human being.

The way that karma affects humans that are born on planet Earth today is based on past lives and karmic lessons that are chosen right before birth. Everything happens for a reason and you were not born into an unfortunate situation by chance. Most experiences we have in this lifetime have happened before in past lifetimes, so the only way to break the cycle of this incarnation is to learn the karmic lesson through past and present life soul balancing efforts. If the lesson has not been learned, it is when we are facing a karmic debt.


So, if you are dealing with some unfortunate situations in this lifetime, it is not because you are being punished for your wrongdoings from your past lives. It is because something similar has already happened in your past lives.  It is based on the concept of action and reaction, and it feels like a domino effect. That pattern carries in this lifetime till you learn the core issue behind it and take the necessary steps to resolve it.


Karma keeps life balanced by keeping track of the negative and positive things you have done for yourself and the world around you.  After every lifetime, these records are processed through the afterlife to determine what your next incarnation will be like to assist you in finding your soul's deepest passion and desires. 

As you see, you have the power in your hands to work with karma and make an impactful change in your life. By having a deep understanding of your actions and by choosing a different reaction, you have made a fundamental step towards resolving your karma and karmic debt.

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