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Hello and welcome! It is a pleasure to meet you!

My name is Luna and I am a Karmic Resolution Facilitator and Karmic Light Code Artist. I will assist you to resolve the core of your trauma, limiting beliefs, and learned behaviors that follow you from your past lives to this lifetime with the wisdom of Tarot Cards and Past Life Regression.

Because your past lives are the continuation of your soul journey in this lifetime, your trauma, limiting beliefs, learned behaviors, and conditioning are imprinted in your soul and create patterns that you subconsciously repeat in your daily life. This is called the karmic debt

Dealing with karmic debt creates roadblocks and it gives you the impression that you are stuck in a maze of problems. Not only it is exhausting on every level but it also prevents you from creating the future you deserve. 

By identifying the core of the pattern from your past lives that repeats in your current life, I will guide you on how to properly work with it in order to overcome it.
Working closely with my own trauma, limiting beliefs, and learned behaviors from my past lives, I successfully broke free from everything that was holding me back and I fully embraced everything and all that I am. My aspiration is to help you overcome your karmic debt, achieve your highest potential, and fulfill your soul's purpose by fully utilizing your soul's gifts. 

How my work have helped others on their path


Leonardo Valentin

Holistic Life Therapist

"At first, I didn't know what to expect because I've seen light codes before, but I've never experienced one created just for me. It's a very powerful symbol that changed my life forever! It's as if the rune magic within it felt exactly what my soul needed and released me to my better days. Thank you Luna Dawn for showing me the way and opening the path towards my true calling!"


Let's resolve the core of your karmic debt together

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